Your Cologne. Your aim.

Why Cologne?!

You maybe ask yourselves why of all things you should start at the Cologne Marathon?

It is impossible and also not necessary to compare all big city marathons. Each of them has its own attractions - and this is how it should be! None of the organisers can handle the thousands of active marathoners at once! Even the Cologne Marathon cannot ...!

But what makes the Cologne Marathon unique and outstanding?

We offer all of you the adequate competition! It does not matter whether you are a running amateur or experienced marathoner, an offspring talent or competitive athlete, an individualist or member of a team. When you would like to be part of our event, come and join us - we care about you!

The youngsters may already participate in the kids competitions on the day before. Race day starts with the half marathon. And the day's highlight is of course the marathon.

This ultimate competition also has a distance of 42.195km in Cologne.

However, nonetheless it is something special and exquisite: Here not only arouse the top athletes cheering enthusiam among the spectators. Spread along the entire course and particularily at the numerous hot spots the several hundred thousands of motivated spectators let explicitly the slower and "more comfortable" runners feel being in the focus of a marathon day in Cologne.

It is not only the records and peak performances that are fully celebrated by the viewers with body and soul, but also the more emotional scenes with legs sometimes twitching and people fighting with themselves to overcome the symptoms of endurance running.

Just try it, register, and experience how Cologne really is - fast and charming!