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Facebook Timing Tracker

Do you want to post your split and finish times* on your Facebook wall or do you want to follow other Cologne Marathon runners via Facebook tracker during the race?

Then please register yourself or another starter prior to 8:00 p. m. on Sunday, October 4, 2015 for posts on your Facebook wall (The only prerequisite to follow you or the starter on the smartphone is the installation of the Facebook app on your mobile. When using the PC you do not have to do anything:

Step 1: Visit our Cologne Marathon web site and search for your entry or the entry of a certain participant in the starters' list and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the Facebook button to register for the app.

Step 3: Use your Facebook login data for the registration.

Step 4: Click on "Ok" to confirm that the app is allowed to use information of your profile.

Step 5: Click on "Ok" when the app is allowed to post on you Facebook wall on your behalf. Please select to which extent the app is allowed to post.

After another click on "Ok" you will have successfully registered for this service!

You of course may also tell your friends and relatives about this service and that they may also track you, e. g. in order to get to know when you will haved passed certain points on the course etc.

Go to the starters' list.

* marathon: at start, kilometres 10; 21.0975; 30; 40 and finish – half marathon: at start, kilometres 2.8; 10.5; 13.2; 18.9 and finish