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    Race information for the RheinEnergieSchoolMarathon Cologne

    Competition rules

    The RheinEnergieSchoolMarathon Cologne will be organized on October 4, 2015 according to Kölner Verein für Marathon e. V. rules as follows:

    7 pupils run about 5km, 10km, 5km, 10km, 5km, and 7.195km in an EKIDEN relay team. The 7th child is a stand-by runner and may - when not replacing any team member - accompany one of his/her fellow runners except for the finisher. 

    There is a scoring in 6 different categories according to gender (W = women, M = men, X = mixed including at least 2 girls each running a section) and total age of the team members:  

    W89 / M89 / X89 = total age of the 6 runners is maximal 89 years

    W90 / M90 / X90 = total age of the 6 runners is at least 90 years and over.

    Each team needs a self-made, 5-10cm wide "tasuki" (sash) that reaches at least to the hips of all team members.
    Material and inscription (name of the school!) are to be functional, the basic colour very light or dark, the inscription contrasting. This sash will also be handed over to the following runner as will be the timing chip.

    Starting times

    Starting times (may be subject to change):

    8:30 a. m. half marathon

    10:00 a. m. marathon including school marathon and relay team marathon

    Medical assistance

    Medizin-LogoThe overall course as well as the starting and finish areas will be monitored by medical services and doctors.

    This personnel is entitled to take off sportspeople with indications of injuries and/or overexertion from the race.